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Pop Song Sing-a-long 
21st-Dec-2009 04:24 pm
I would like to think we have some control over what we become.

my mom: "What do you want for Crhistmas?"
me: "um...a toaster?"

I really couldn't think of anything i need and don't just want useless crap (other than a 73" tv but that needs to be my money if i waste it on something like that).

What worries me is where this feeling comes from.  Is it thriftiness or apathy?
Hopefully it's just winter blah's; but i worry about this attitude change from hour to hour.

Those hours at the computer on AIM
Those nights in cars and playgrounds
Late night drives
I look back less than a decade and get nostalgic? What happens in another 10?

I grip the wheel, and all at once i realize:
My life has become a boring pop song
And everyone is singing along

-- Jack's Mannequin
21st-Dec-2009 11:47 pm (UTC)
I've been feeling the same way for about the past year.

But if you really want a toaster for Christmas, go for the Hello Kitty toasters at Target. They toast Hello Kitty onto your bread!! :D
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