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Why are You here?
Hello...Is anybody out there? 
25th-Aug-2009 01:46 pm
Update on my life:

- PT DPS Sup for Norristown/Saturday Air (UPS, West Chester)
- FT IT Specialist/Developer (PBP, Malvern)

Jennae is still lurking around every corner

- Julia & i started talking much more recently (twice > none)
- Still have not met anyone in Norristown
- Previous friends continue to slip away, like the receding tide

I never have any time.  I work 65+ hours a week for 6 days, sleep and watch tv.  I think i can best equate myself to a whore.  This is all because of money.  I should quit UPS.  But then 1 of 2 paychecks a month goes to rent and then everything else on the other.  If I'm making an extra $1200 dollars a month and i have zero savings.  Jennae got a job so that will help.

I have all these dreams and I know they will slip away if I don't change myself soon.

I strongly debated about becoming a teacher a couple months ago.  A few people warned me about the bs paperwork, but I already have plenty of that.  I think the time off would be nice, because I tend to strongly devote myself and can only remember to take time when it's in chunks.  But there is only so much salary that can be made that way.  Again, whore.

I just got an email from Epic Systems Corp.; there are three jobs that sound very interesting to me.  One requires relocation to Madison, WI, but the other two don't say anything about that--just travel 50% or 15-25% nationally. Hrmm, i will have to think about this.
26th-Aug-2009 12:38 am (UTC)
Your rent must be outrageous. You and Jennae should consider checking out jobs in Pittsburgh because housing here is ridiculously inexpensive. My house was only 75,000, and I think it's rather nice! I have a big yard and a lot of privacy too. People's jaws drop when I tell them what my mortgage is, especially if they live in the Philadelphia area, or really any large city, or even my little hometown (apparently you can't get a half decent house there for under 100,000+). Of course, the job market sucks as much here as anywhere I guess. Good luck with your career decision!
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