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Why are You here?
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps 
7th-Aug-2008 05:02 am

I am sitting here at work bored thinking what i have ot still acomplish.
I saw that Cryptic Studios was hiring Jr Programmers yesterday.  Their games are apparently based of the C language, which i am familiar and pretty fluent in.  Should i apply?  They are openly recruiting and the one post from the employee said they had little tests for candidates.  Say i were to get this, it would require a move to Cali.  And i know how i would feel about having to make a move like that.  Plus, i think Jennae would feel the same way as me, and thus might not go.  Oh well i can dream.
My ipod has decided it is Deathcab/Weakerthan day.  Oh how things change in a few short years.  Posting online and listening to emo at 5 in the morning, only know i'm not in my room, i am at work.  aduthood wooo.

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