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Why are You here?
6th-Aug-2008 10:10 am
Mrytle Beach
Let's see...

Moved to Norristown from West Chester.
Finally, graduated WCU, oh wait you didn't get this part done, nevermind, diploma arrived.
Still working at UPS, PT Dispatch Supervisor in Norristown (west chester building).
Still with Jennae, almost three years now.
Want to get a house and fix it up; i gots zero savings however.
Need another job and i've been searching monster.com lately, but no replies; UPS is in an "unofficial" hiring freeze, oh and "no overtime!".

Still wish i was a writer.
Still wish the past was more than a memory.
Quit smoking 3 months ago (tried 1/3 of a cig two weeks ago, hated it, so good); 6+ years finally over.
Still a vegetarian.

Have two kitties (Dimitri & V), three ferrets (Little Miss, Bitey, Cracker).
Reggie my dog is still around up at my parents.
Still have anxiety attacks and insecurities.

Miss my colored hair; sometimes i get away with mild coloring, but not nearly as much as before.
Never got piercing, still want them.
Never got tats, still want them.

The following people are slowly disappearing from my life:
Denise, Amber, Heather, Nica, Tara, Allison, Kulp

Where are you at now?:
Julia, Wendy

Currently reading:
Sunsets And Lovers - Tim Sandlin...B+
Life After God - Douglas Copeland (again)...A+
Hardcore Diaries - Mick Foley...B-
Death of WCW - Reynolds & Alvarez...F (guilty pleasure, i was a fan back then, obviously not "professional" writers, maybe bloggers)

Music that gives me that anxious rush that make me feel alive:

Cute Is What We Aim For
Motion City Soundtrack
Kate Nash
Early November
New Amsterdams
Greg Graffin
Alkaline Trio (though less so than before)
so much...its been years...

Jennae and i were talking the other day and decided we need friends in the Norristown area.  I hang out with my friends up north, she goes up north and to wc, we never hang out at home.  If we do live down here we need to meet people.  Where would you do this? Bars? Sports? i know i am devoid of this skill, but Jennae is too, maybe we'll just get more cats.
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