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Pessimistisch, zynisch und unsicher... 
19th-Apr-2004 02:37 am

so i dont like when people talk before they know whats really goin on.
especially when question (person a) as to whether it is a guess or something someone (person b) said and person a says its something person b says and it turns out to be the other way around. and person a then feels like oops i made a mistake. that does nothing to help insecure people, watch what You tell them!

so ive know im not as close to this one group of people that i hang out with as my friend harb. but to find out the only thing anyone has ever said to describe me is "wierd" in a derogatory (sp) way, doesnt really make me feel that great. it does kind of explain some interaction ive had with a person here and there, but for the most part they do a good job at hiding it. fuckking a, be somewhat straight forward to people, if You find something they do annoying either tell them or ignore it, dont tell other people how much it bugs You.

i am a very untrusting person. when people--for the most part--live up to my fears about people, it helps to create a very antosocial environment.

i really need to talk to a friend about something, but i dont know how. not bad, just involves self-understanding and i dont know who else to talk to about fixing this problem. but i think my one friend went through it, and--at one point in time--we were a lot alike.

almost famous is on. i forgot i saw this in theaters with someone special, wow.
i cant find the quote i was looking for, but its from Douglas Coupland's Life After God about being reminded of a truly magical moment in the main characters life that he had completely forgotten about until someone reminded him.

filled my gas tank this weekend, first time its been full in a while, kind of ironic that "im not running on empty anymore."
19th-Apr-2004 08:35 am (UTC)
"someone special"


i understand what you mean about being untrusting. it's really hard to trust people, especially your friends. it's awful. but you can trust me because a) i appreciate your uniqueness, you aren't "weird" and, b)who am i going to shit talk about you to... i'm kidding about b. but anyway, i'm coming home for a few days soon, we should hang out. plus i'll be around a little bit this summer, mainly mondays and tuesdays because that's basically my weekend, unless i have sunday off of work.
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