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Why are You here?
Maybe we already are stangers again 
13th-Apr-2004 05:42 pm
so havent posted in a long time.

dont really have anything to say.

flyers beating devils 2 games to 1.

think ill watch magnolia soon. saw this movie alex and emma the other day; i liked it.

harb got a subsription to Suicide Girls.

behind on some essay, dont know if they will even be accpeted, oh well. applied to west chester, maybe ill be going to real college soon.

going to stop watching buffy now and go get food.


i couldn't help but think back to the advice
that i got from my dad a few times
he said "time goes by so fast in a blink of an eye
so never close your eyes"
"i always wanted something more than 50 hours every week
and a paid vacation on the jersey shoreline"

And He said
So when ambition turns into competition
i'll never be the better man
i can't help but think back to the time
He said "life goes right by"

And told me never think twice
"You can't second guess how to live Your life"
All these years have been way too short
to be spent on some factory floor like me
i never went back again
i never looked back again

And He said
So when ambition turns into competition
i'll never be the better man
It's the last hour of the last day
don't fall so far behind now
You'll be another nameless face
He said

-- Less Than Jake "Last Hour Of The Last Day Of Work"
24th-May-2005 04:29 am (UTC)
alright...you dont know me, thats for sure, but i found your old online journal a while ago while i was searching for lyrics to cursive's the game of who needs who the worst...and apparently your entry was the only place i could find them. but i just wanted to let you know that you always have good music in your entries and for some strange reason your entries are interesting to me...just wanted to let you know
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